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Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme

Dec 4, 2020

...And just like that, we've reached another milestone episode.  For #200, we're taking a look back at some of our favorites from the rave era.  It's definitely up for debate as to which years exactly qualify as the "rave era" and what defines the sound. More than anything, we wanted to capture the energy and bring together all the flavors of rave... from acid to techno to breakbeat and from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Never stop raving!

westbam – beat box rocker, run dmc vs. jason nevins – it’s like that, renegade soundwave – the phantom, altern8 – infiltrate 202, lfo – lfo, josh wink – higher state of consciousness (original tweekin’ acid funk mix), orbital – chime (joey beltram mutation), n-joi – malfunction, egma – let the bass kick, joey beltram – my sound, the scientist – the bee, hardfloor – acperience 1, slam – positive education (original mix remaster), dj seduction – you and me, the prodigy – your love (the original excursion), nookie – gonna be alright, ramos & supreme – crowd control, slipmatt – hear me, fat controller – in complete darkness, liquid crystal – i’ll take you, rhythm section – nu generation (outta my face), rachel wallace – tell me why (m&m full vocal mix), q bass – hardcore will never die (e-type mix), bizarre inc. ft. angie brown – i’m gonna get you ( x mix dance), smart e’s – sesame’s treet (vocal mix), ratpack – searchin’ for my rizla, the house crew – keep the fire burning, liquid – phog, the ultimate seduction – housenation (extended club mix), mainx 88 – to piano, skanna – intimidator, praga khan ft. jade 4 u – injected with a poison

IG: ladycremedj