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Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme

Jun 24, 2022

For this milestone episode, we put together a love letter to FREESTYLE. All the passion, melodrama, and naiveté of young love: desire, betrayal, horniness, heartbreak, self-doubt, ecstasy. Dry humping, hickies, handjobs. Hairspray, cologne, cheap beer, cigarettes, flavored lip gloss. Humid summer nights driving around with the windows down going nowhere in particular, strutting up and down the boardwalk, makeshift dancefloors in dark, sweaty basements. Girl groups, divas latinas, sensitive guys. Orchestra hits, harsh synths, stuttering fills, pre-Autotune vocals, hooks that demand to be sung along to.  Sometimes youth is not wasted on the young.

jody watley – don’t you want me (remix), brenda k. starr – picking up pieces, george lamond – bad of the heart, shannon – give me tonight (special extended version), taylor dayne – tell it to my heart (club mix), seduction – two to make it right (the cole & clivilles club mix), corina – temptation, india – right from the start (kickin’ it mix), exposé – point of no return (extended), cover girls – because of you, pretty poison – catch me (i’m falling) (12” mix), safire – let me be the one, lisa lisa & cult jam – can you feel the beat, jaya – if you leave me now, cynthia – thief of hearts, angelique – you look so fine (freestyle mix bilingual), stevie b – party your body, l.f.x. – shattered dreams, pajama party – yo no sé, lil’ johanna – take me in your arms again (club mix), gina lanze – i will carry on, lil diamante – can we go back, elissa – show me how you love me (freestyle club), debbie deb – when i hear music (12” mix), intonation – died in your arms (club mix), sharyn maceren – hard to get (s-factor version), planet patrol – play at your own risk (12” version), jocelyn enriquez – a little bit of ecstacy (freefloor mix), nice & wild – diamond girl, solina – where are you now (remake 1998), rockell – in a dream, ghost town dj’s – my boo

IG: @ladycremedj