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Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme

Dec 15, 2017

For episode 100, we're doing something special.  This mix is a bit more personal than our other episodes.  We selected some of our favorite tracks from the early 00s during our first few years living in NYC.  Around this time we were discovering italo, electro and electroclash, and going out to dance at Luxx and other parties.  It was a new century, but also there was a lot of anxiety post-9/11.  We were living in the future, but it felt uncertain.  Some of these tracks we heard on I-F's Mixed Up in the Hague... this mix was hugely influential to us, and made us want to get better at mixing and to try to tell stories through mixes, and also to produce our own original tracks.  Some of the tracks are lo-fi with a rough edge... apreggios, tuff snares, vocoders, vintage synths.  These tracks all have a special place in our heart, and we hope you enjoy.

q - voice of q, pluton & humanoids - world invaders, mr. flagio - take a chance, hypnosis - bormaz (todd terje edit), bogdan irkuk a.k.a. bulgari - everything is changing, confusional quartet - guerra in africa (scuola furano remix), alexander robotnick - problemes d'amour, klein & mbo - dirty talk (atoc re-edit), bruno banner - space shift, michoacan - 2 bullets, a.i.m. - so evil (close to the edge)(tomboy twist remix), ladycreme - permanent wave, dole & kom presents re play - from a distance, the hasbeens - make the world go away, rude 66 - the 1000 year storm, henrik schwarz & klas lindblad - true ways, pauli vs. alden tyrell - little, bangkok impact - junge dame mit freundliche tel (bangkok impact remix), tracey thorn - it's all true (kris menace remix), jor-el - i want disco, divine - native love (marcello giordani re-edit), franz & shape vs. n.o.i.a. - the man who paid before, remute - eins, zwei, polizei!, kiko & lisa evans - bipolaire, love supreme - the polly variation, charles manier - change you, hong kong counterfeit - metal disco (legowelt vs. orgue electronique mix), charlie - spacer woman