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Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme

Sep 29, 2023

For this milestone episode, we put together a mix of 25 of our favorite tracks from the 90s featuring vocal performances by the era’s finest divas songs of love and longing, introspection on the dancefloor, and the power of connection through music.  These tracks hold a special place for us as some of the very first dance music we feel in love with.  The sound of a powerful female voice is absolutely essential to house music.  At times they went uncredited or their images were not included in music videos and album art, but these vocalists and songwriters, and their enduring contributions to music cannot be denied.

black box (vocals by martha wash) – everybody everybody (le freak mix), cathy dennis – touch me (all night long)(club mix), crystal waters – 100% pure love, ce ce peniston – finally (12” choice mix), jomanda – got a love for you (hurley’s house mix), robin s – show me love (stonebridge club mix), c+c music factory ft. zelma davis – just a touch of love (everyday), alison limerick – where love lives (frankie knuckles & david morales remix – dimitri from paris tribute edit), fpi project (vocals by tina chris) – everybody (all over the world)(dance mix), everything by the girl (vocals by tracey thorn) – missing (todd terry club mix), cajmere ft. dajae – brighter days (tee dope mix), coldcut ft. lisa stansfield – people hold on (12” version), adeva – i thank you (the philadelphia mix), barbara tucker – beautiful people (underground network mix), harddrive (vocals by barbara tucker) – deep inside (original 12” mix), billie ray martin – your loving arms (todd terry t&t’s freeze mix), blaze – lovelee dae, clivilles & cole (vocals by deborah cooper) – (pride) a deeper love (a deeper love mix), ultra naté – free (mood ii swing extended vocal mix), bizarre inc. ft. angie brown – i’m gonna get you (original remix version), the real mccoy (vocals by karin kasar) – another night (u.s. club mix), amber – this is your night (original 12” mix), corona – the rhythm of the night (club mix), la bouche (vocals by melanie thornton) – be my lover (select mix quick trax), rozalla – everybody’s free (to feel good)

IG: @ladycremedj