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Radio Creme - DJ mixes by Ladycreme

Apr 21, 2017

aimes ft. javi - take me (pete herbert disko dub), re-tide - try this, b.g. baarregaard - astarjatning, martin brodin - funky gura (ray mang remix), da chick - chick-a-boom (pete herbert piano dub), judge funk - heads, giorgio rodgers - in the morning, bas roos - don't let go the disco, the black madonna - he is the voice i hear, hype the phunk - burnin' (disko junkie remix), discotron - starstruck, closed paradise - breakin' down, deep&disco - hitney whouston, late nite tuff guy - say u love me (lntg rework), stardust - music sounds better with you (chuggin edits), boogie freaks - more disco please, beverly chills - axel foley, jack le funk - one more time, martello - believe (discotron remix), aeroplane & purple disco machine - sambal (extended mix), birdee, gamble & burke - i want you, dicky trisco & pete herbert - dance to love, jay airiness - on the floor (peter herbert remix), anabel englund - london headache (purple disco machine remix), situation - get to know me (hot toddy vocal remix), mena & melgado - wings of love, leonardus - love together, tiptoes - diss you, daft punk - give life back to music (dr. packer rework)